jsp not redeployed on Tomcat after modification

Hi all,

I have a Web project which contains several Spring views in /src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/views
I'm running this project inside Tomcat 7 using a Tomcat configuration. Whenever I modify the jsp (no matter I hit ctrl-F9) the Jsp is not redployed / reloaded and instead I get the message "Loaded classes are up to date".

In the tomcat configuration I have enabled "on frame deactivation" > "Update resources and classes" and "on 'Update' action" > Update classes and resources. But this seems to make no difference

How can I achieve that Idea redeploys my files when I change them?

Many thanks in advance

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you can use Run | 'Update Application' action (Ctrl+F10) to update modified resources.

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So, this feature seems to have broken for me over the last month or so. I used to be able to use Ctrl-F10 to update changed JSPs in my running Tomcat instance under the debugger. Now it fails to update. Neither the JSP in the CATALINA_BASE\work gets updated, nor the jsp under target\ for my project. If I remove it from CATALINA_BASE\work, hoping for a change to get picked up on the next request, what shows up is an old version of the file that doesn't have my change. In order to effect a change, I need to stop the server, do "mvn clean install", then restart the server.


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