TeamCity Remote build not finding "Suitable build configurations..."

I'm at a loss to understand how TC determines what is a suitable build config.

I'm using IntelliJ 11 with TC plugin         6.18087      and TC 6.5.5

I have changes in my local Git repo that are not in my remote Git repo. These changes are in the test files, but when I try and execute a remote build I get the less than helpful, "Suitable build configurations were not found for specified changes."  message from the TC plugin.

Can anyone explain how the suitablity is calculated? Or how to overcome this blocking and rather frustrating issue.



Just to add something, users that have this working are all admins in TC and use single IDEA projects within an IDE window.


I have System administrator role for all projects.


I hadn't seen your post so I've created a new one by mistake but our problems relate. The previous comment was supposed to be in my post.

Did you activate the IDE Notifier Rules for the projects you have checked out?
If you open the TeamCity tab and click "Hide not related to current project" does the project you want to remote run show in the list?

If yes you usually are able to remote run, if not it will say you don't have suitable configurations. My question on my post, is how does IDEA or the TC Plugin correlates an IDE rule with an open project.



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