changelists disappearing after maven import


I already reported this but I can't seem to wait much longer for some kind of solution to this problem I'm having with IntelliJ. I tried 11.0.1 and went back to 10.5.2 but I have always encountered the problem.

Every time when I do a Maven import of our huge multi module maven 3 project within IntelliJ VCS (SVN) forgets all local changes and reports no changes at all.  I can partly fix this by doing an SVN update with depth set to infinity, but that's not always reliable as some changes might still be missing from the default changelist.  So if IntelliJ notices changes after such an SVN update it's all back in the default changelist eventhough it was in different changelists before the maven import.  Also, when someone has updated a pom file before I did an SVN update I can do one again because I need to do a maven import.  So far I broke one build on our continuous integration system but it's bound to happen again.

I'm also not sure weather this is related to an SVN 1.6 issue, Ubuntu 11.04, Maven 3 or something else or all/none of the above.

Perhaps someone can point me to some kind of workaround or some advice.


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The issue is probably related to this:

and the insufficient solution documented by someone else:

Seeing that this issue is present in version 10.5.x and up and I paid for it I'd actually like a bit more help.  I sure as hell am not paying for version 11 until this is resolved, sorry about the rant.


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