Indexing going crazy!

I'm a long time IDEA user currently using v10.5.2 (IU-107.587) on Mac OS X (10.6.8).

Something has caused IDEA to begin to index my entire home directory, even including the .Trash folder.   The net effect of all this is hundreds of thousands of files, shutting me down.    What would cause this?     Can I constrain the indexing to a single folder that would contain everything of interest to IDEA?

- Dean

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Somehow your home directory is included in the list of paths for an SDK or a library, or in the list of source folders for your project.

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Yes, that is exactly what it was.   The question now is how it got there, since I certainly didn't add it there intentionally.    Once I removed it from one of the Module Dependencies, the indexing problem was resolved.



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