Problems setting up Jersey with Maven ...

Howdy all!

I'm trying to set up jersey (for jax-rs work) with tomcat using maven.
The problem arises when I try to add jersey in the settings->web services page. I click in the path box to the right at the line for SWDP.
Now, the jersey jars (i guess I need both jersey-server and jersey-core)  jars are in ~/.m2/repository/com/sun/jersey/jersey-<server | core >/1.11/.
I've tried selecting the jersey-server/1.11 dir and the jersey-core/1.11 dir but the 'ok' button is grayed out.
I've also tried just selectin the ~/.m2/repository/com/sun/jersey dir but the ok button is still grayed out.
How do I do this? Can I use maven this way at all? Do I need to have the jersey files outside the m2 repository?

Erik Svensson

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