WebStorm Inspections: Results and Scrollbar (Plugin) Provider


I am trying to understand/find how a certain plugin (in my case ESLint JS inspection tool) injects warnings/errors into the IDE scrollbar, during the on-the-fly/realtime inspection taking place in the IDE. I would like to understand the code/API behind (what is available, what can be done etc.).

I have been trying to find info on this topic (i.e. how the results are generated, then collected and finally provided to a view/scrollbar), but I was unable to find how a plugin provides such inspection results and how the scrollbar collects and displays them.

I know how such things can be configured (user-wise) for the IDE, but I would like to know how the IntelliJ/WebStorm API works.

Many Thanks in advance,

Andrei Costache

P.S. This is my first post on the forum, therefore please excuse me if I did not ask in the proper place. Please indicate if I should move this post/question.

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Hi Yann,

Thank you for the info, sorry for my late reply.

The indications you provided were most useful. Using them I ran into some more recent trouble, but probably a different topic.

Best regards,



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