PhpStorm in Intellij IDEA

Good day

I found Intellij much more usable when it comes to java project, that's why I purchased this product.

But I also have some Php projects that use Yii framework.

I heard that Intellij + Php plugin is equal to PhpStorm without fancy project creation wizard.

So here I am, trying to import my php project files to the IDE (with php plugin), but it simply doesn't work.

I tried to import it as an existing Java module/project (as it was said in the internets) but it didn't recognize any folders, so in my project I just had some root files (index.php, index-test.php) and that's all. No folders. No modules. Nothing.

After some time, I just gave up, installed 30-days-free version of PhpStorm, imported files to the PhpStorm project and then imported that project in Intellij.

Can anyone give me a hint what is the easier way to do the same thing?

Much appreciated.

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You should create a new project in IntelliJ IDEA, select the Web module type and point to the folder with your existing sources,

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Thanks, it worked.


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