Is the Recent Projects support user-friendly?

First of all if there is a good support (configuration or the like) through which all bellow odds are addressed please ignore the whole message.

Recent Projects support odds:

  • The project list in Quick Start page differs from the File > Reopen list (or Reopen Recent Project action based List). In my case there are large number for the later.
  • Clear  List is available only through Menu.
  • Removing certain recent project is available only from Start Page. There are fewer project in that list, but my supposition is that as soon as an entry is deleted an older recent projects is appended to the list.

A couple of proposals:
- It is better if Ctrl+Shift+A is working when no project is open. Many of IDEA users love the Ctrl+Shift+A (Find action);
- Pressing DELETE key in Recent Project popup delete selected entry;
- A new Clear List entry both in Recent Project Popup and Start-Page Recent Project (if the list is to large a More... buton could reveal the action-based Recent Projects popup);
- File > Reopen list = Start-Page Recent Projects list = Action-based Recent Projects list;


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