IDEA 11 and Maven 3 problem

I'm using IDEA 11 and Maven 7 on win7 64bit.

For every maven project, I have something below:

[WARNING] Command line option -npu is deprecated and will be removed in future Maven versions.

Downloaded: (503 B at 0.4 KB/sec)
Downloaded: (657 B at 0.9 KB/sec)
Downloaded: (1015 B at 1.4 KB/sec)
Downloaded: (614 B at 0.7 KB/sec)

I understand the -npu command option is related to plugin update. But whether I check the option or not, I got the -npu or -cpu warning.

And download those plugins everytime on every project is really annoying, I can't find a way to disable it.

PS: These won't show up if I use maven directly from command line.

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Currently Maven 3 is not fully supported.
Please follow


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