Checkout Branch in IntelliJ 11 ?

Hi. in 10.5.x this was a working option in the VCS > Git menu, and opened a dialog allowing me to select the local or remote branch I wanted to switch to.

In 11 there is a pile of hype over a nice looking but really not very useful (for me) graphical log, but nothing about the broken git menu.

How do I change to a branch in git in ij 11 ? "Checkout Revision" from the graph does just that, a revision. in both the log and git bash it doesn't show the name of the branch, it shows me as having checked out the hash of the version i'm editing. This isn't helping.

Can someone please tell me how to check out a branch, not a version of a branch, but the head, indicated with the name of the branch when you look at the directory in git bash. At the moment this is a major issue for me using 11 and Its weird how 10.5 was so simple yet 11 has removed the option.

Also, the VCS > Git > Branches menu item appears to do nothing.


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Hello Dave,

VCS > Git > Branches menu is exactly what you need.
What do you mean by "does nothing"? What happens when you invoke the action?

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Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

Nothing happends. Once the click fires the menu closes as things normally would and then not further activity is observed.

This behaviour is duplicated on my home machine aswell as my work machine, however I have discovered a difference this morning which has indicated a much easier way of checking out or changing branches.

Down the bottom right of the main window there is a combo listing all the branches detected, but this is only populated on the ide that has a project created by "Checkout projects from github". the other ide complains about invalid VCS roots, and when the "configure" link is used in the error message/dialog the resulting window has a line through my project file and clicking ok removes the git integration.

So, new tac now, how do I get the git root problem (invalid git roots) to go away without checking out a new project from the github ?

My issue is that I like to keep the intellij project declarations/config files in one folder (intelliJ/Projects/myProjectName), but have my git checkouts in a different folder (c:/Develop/ I cant see why this would be unreasonable, the project file doesn't need to be in git because our modules are all worked on as seperate projects and then compiled eventually together. so we dont want unrelated files to be stored in the repo.

cheers in advance.

And oh yeah, the branches menu in "VCS > Git > Branches" still does nothing on either system, I thought it may have turned on and off the combo at the bottom but it literally has no observable activity. I expected a dialog box at least.


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Please check that your Git roots are registered correctly in Settings -> Version Control

You may store project files under the same directory as your working tree, but ignore them in Git.

Git -> Branches action does exactly the same as clicking on the Git widget at the right of the status bar : it shows a popup with the list of branches and allows to operate on them.
I suppose that as soon as you resolve the roots problem, the action will work properly.


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