Keyboard partly breaks after a "while" - OSX 11.0.1 - reported?

Keyboard input woes:

On OSX Lion, with 11.0.1 Ultimate, and after a "while" (not sure what's the causal event) the IDE stops responding to some special keys: Delete, and Command for example.

Also, at this point when the keyboard is broken, clicking the little person icon in the bottom of the screen pops up its dialog, but clicking OFF the dialog leaves the dialog up, only clicking the ESC key on the keyboard closes the dialog.  Worse, clicking the dude again pops up ANOTHER dialog on top of the first.  You can tell it's another because: the drop-shadow gets darker, and it takes more ESC key presses to clear all the dialogs from the screen.

NOTE the keyboard works fine in other apps, just IntelliJ seems to lose track of these keys.

Is this a setting I mistakenly enabled?

Also, after I do a Command+F to start finding stuff, occasionally IntelliJ doesn't allow me to use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to navigate through the find results.  I must use F3 instead.  Not sure if this is related, but I sometimes can use UP and DOWN, and sometimes cannot.  The same question - is this a setting I mistakenly enabled?


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Another thing that happens (just happend!) when the UI breaks (it's more generally that the UI breaks, not the keyboard) is the UI Separators (dividing the Project heirarchical file view from the Source editor view, for example) are no longer selectable with my mouse.

I'd expect to be able to hover the mouse over the separator / divider, and resize the sub-windows.  But once this breakage happens I cannot select the separator.

My Mac screen dimmed, and went to sleep, then I came back and IntelliJ was busted.  That's not a decent reproduction scenario so I'm asking if anyone else has experience with this, before I write a bug for it.


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