custom inspectiong gutter marks...

Sorry for the subject line - just could not figure out how to say it in 1 liner :(

What I am looking for is a way for identifying certain patterns e.g. hard-coded IP addresses (in java/jsp/xml) and flagging those as error marks. Also using these during cvs commit code smell check. Not sure if there is something that I can already use.

We are putting these pre-commit checks on cvs for people using non-idea tools but at least for the ones using idea - wondering if they can notice these "violations" earlier.


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Nothing exists currently, but it might be possible to use the new Structural Search and Replace Inspections in Demetra to find hardcoded IP addresses, depending on how clever you were with the regexes. That said, finding strings that look like IP addresses would make a find built-in (InspectionGadgets) inspection, under "Portability issues". Please submit a JIRA item.

--Dave Griffith

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just submitted

This is the first time I am submitting the JIRA - hopefully I did it ok


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