ide coloring scheme

Hi All!

I'm new to idea. Just downloaded latest version and trying to make IDE color friendly.

I can't find where I can change colors of screen elements highlighted with red circles.

Why not use system colors like eclipse ide?

Need help.

My config: WinXP x64, custom coloring scheme based on rainy day. idea look and feel: windows.

Please don't post useless responses like "somewhere inside file/settings/editor/colors&fonts"


This is what I'm trying to achieve:


As you can see, no bright colors except for tab caption

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Hi Sergei,

  • tab color - 'Project Settings | File Colors';
  • gutter - 'IDE Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts | General | Gutter background';
  • scrollbar background - not sure whether it's possible to change it;


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much better now!
thanks for informative and quick answer


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