Make performance in 11.0.1

When I upgraded from the latest IDEA 10 to 11.0.1, my "make" time went from <1 second to >10 seconds, even when there are no changes or one trivial change.  Is there anything I can do to get back the <1 second make time?  I am using the Windows version on Win 7 x64.  I'm using a many-module project, where each project depends on several other projects, each with their own source directories.

Have others seen this problem?  If so, is there any plan for JetBrains to address it?  Or is there a configurational change I can make on my side to reduce the problem?



Looking into this further, I am seeing about 18 seconds even when compiling a single unmodified file in my project in IDEA 11.0.1.  I tested creating a new, minimal IDEA project with just one source file and 'make' is very fast <1 second, even with changes.


Please follow advices given in and report dump if you can't resolve


After trying a few items on the advice given, I tested and didn't see any improvement.  However, after doing a "Rebuild Project", the problem went away and make is back to full speed now.  Thanks for your suggestions!


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