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This is one of the (few) issues that I like better in almost each plain text editor than in Idea:
Whenever Idea needs to reposition the caret in the current file, it insists of scrolling the editor so that the caret row is centered.
Now that I have a bigger screen it's feeling even worse: I do a "highlight usages in file" get five usages highlighted, then I hit F3 repeatedly and have a short moment of
unnecessary confusion each time because I need to grasp where in the code I am.

Every other editor has a "scroll window": If the new position is more than five rows or so from the front and bottom then no scrolling is done.

Is there any chance we get this behavior in Demetra (probably with an option to configure it)?

Or am I the only one annoyed by this behavior?

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Yes, I also find this very annoying.

The same thing happens for incremental search. (CTRL+S for me). Each time I goto the next match, it recenters the caret row. Very disorienting when you are trying to quickly skip back and forth between the matches.

Other editors I have used don't try to be so smart; They don't recenter the caret row unless the next match is offscreen.

I'm not sure I would like to set a 'scroll window' because it might seem inconsistent when it recenters the row and when it doesn't, e.g. if the next match is 6 rows away vs 5 rows away.

What I might like is to have IDEA always recenter if the caret row is too close to the top or bottom of the view by X rows (configurable,e.g. 3).

Anyway, the current 'smart' behavior is very annoying, and I would prefer for IDEA not to recenter if the next match is in the same view.

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+1 - This is exactly how my old editor used to work
and it's better than the IDEA model as you guys reported.



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Agreed!!! And along the same lines, I don't like the way that the debugger
forces the position of the highlighted current line to always be ~1/3 the
way down the editor window when hitting breakpoints or single stepping. IMHO
the editor window should NOT scroll at all until the current instruction
pointer is a line or two from the bottom of the screen. And even then it
should probably only scroll a single line at a time rather than jump back
up to the 1/3rd point or anything "clever" like that.

+1 - This is exactly how my old editor used to work and it's better
than the IDEA model as you guys reported.



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Thanks for the feedback.
I created a Jira issue:
Feel free to vote for it ;)

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This issue has been brought up a number of times in previous requests dating back to 2002. Find Next/Step Next/Incremental Search Next/etc. is something everyone uses all the time every day. This should really be treated with a higher priority.

Unhelpful editor scrolling during Finds (2002)

Find next/last commands should not scroll unnecessarily (2003)

New Find Scrolling (2003)

F3 should not change editor's view when re-finding single match. (Vincent Mallet) (2005)

Option to not scroll editor (unless required) (2006)

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There is now an option to disable this annoying auto-scroll behavior within the visible editor area: Settings -> Editor -> General. In the Scrolling section, click on "Prefer moving caret to minimize editor scrolling".

The problem that still persists is that this should be the default option.

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This works, thanks!

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In the latest 2020.3.3 version of IntelliJ IDEA, this setting is called 'Move caret, minimize editor scrolling':


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