*.iml instability with .idea format and .idea/dataSources.ids


it'd be really great to get a more stable project.iml file when using
the /idea format.
One of the main point is to be able to share the project configuration
in a team.

It's been years now that I have to check manually why my project.iml
has changed and needs to be commited.

Most often, it's just a matter of a few lines, concerning what should
be excluded from the project:


I don't know why, but this kind of lines are regularly changing,
dissapearing, reappearing. And it's quite annoying since most developer
in my team commit it without paying attention.

I also happen to have a problem with the .idea/dataSources.ids
It's always been in a unstable state in my environment, and it clashes
with the way Suversionb manage files.
Very often it gets 'restored' when doing a Subversion update.

Is this file made to be shared or is it better to just remove it from
the versionning system?


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