IDEA 11.0.1 Maxes Out CPUs During Indexing

Awhile back (v10.0?), I lamented how long indexing was taking, noting that my desktop's 12 CPUs and notebook's 8 CPUs never exceeded a utilization of ~5%.

Today, I installed 11.0.1 (build #IU-111.167) and the indexing option used a lot more than 5% of my notebook's 8 CPUs - in fact, it maxed out most of the CPUs most of the time!

Here's a TaskMgr snapshot when it was only taking 67% (but I've watched it go to 95%+):

IDEA 11.0.1 TaskMgr.gif

And here's the snapshot of the CPU Meter:

IDEA 11.0.1 CPU Meter.gif

My IDEA64.exe.vmoptions are slightly changed from the install:


I hated to see IDEA take too long indexing because it was using too little CPU. But I also hate losing almost all usability in my system because IDEA is consuming nearly 100% of CPU while indexing.

I know I'm being a little picky here, but can't there be a happy medium? Is there a way to configure IDEA to choose that happy medium? I'd like to make it use more than 5%, but less than 75% of CPU, while indexing so I can get other work done during indexing.



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temprorarily lower IDEA's process priority ?


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