cant find PHP Tab in Template Project Settings menu

I'm going over the Installing and configuring XAMPP tutorial and it says to click the PHP tab and It also has a screen shot showing it but on my intellij Idea 11 the tab is not there
is this feature not available anymore in ultimate 11?
or is there some new way to install it in the IDE?
heres a screen shot of what I'm seein
what do I do to install php in the IDE
first screen shot is ultimate 11
second screen shot is tutorial


I'm not seeing your screenshots.(Sometimes this forum software takes a bit of time before attached images become visible.) So I'm not 100% sure this is the issue, but make sure the PHP plug-in is installed and enabled. I do not believe the PHP plug-in is bundled by default. Go to File > Settings. Under "IDE settings" select "Plugins". If you don't see "PHP" in the list of plugins, click the "Bowse Repositories" button at the bottom. Find "PHP" in the list, select it, then click the download button (disk with green arrow). After it downloads, click OK and restart IDEA.


where do I find it after i restart?


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