Flex Parsley metadata problem

I'm trying to use Parsley framework in Intellij Idea 11 IDE,
but it doesn't recognize some mxml attributes, giving error "attribute 'type' is not allowed here".
But in the Eclipse the mxml parses Ok. Anyone had the problem? Why would it happen?
I'm using Flex Air 3.2 SDK and Parsley-flex 2.4.1

<mx:Object xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml"

Image 032.png
Image 033.png
Image 034.png
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Still can't reproduce. Attached is the project I played with. Please check if it is green in your environment.

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Your project is displayed correctly on my computer too.
But I have a very large project with several source folders. Sometimes when I add/delete some sources (for example, sources of  the parsley.config),
it parses the mxml without errors, but when I restart the IDE, the tags become red again.
Maybe there's some classpath resolving conflict. I have no idea why it can happen, because there's no constant pattern to reproduce.

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I'm afraid I can't help without steps to reproduce. May be you'll be able to create a sample project without commercially sensitive information and send it to me.
By the way you say Eclipse doesn't show errors. Eclipse is a Java IDE and does not support MXML files at all. I know 2 Flex IDEs based on Eclipse platform: FDT and Flash Builder. If you mean Flash Builder - it doesn't highlight errors in editor at all, so it is impossible to compare it with IntelliJ IDEA. FB only shows errors reported by compiler.

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Thank you for quick response! First of all, yes, IntelliJ is simply the best! :)

I've found minimal test case when it turns red:
just add <parsley:View type="{VBox}"/> before parsley:Object tag.

If this tag is added after the parsley:Object the code becomes green.

Image 035.png
Image 036.png

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