Web Service client in Community Edition?

I'm running the CE (just upgraded to 11 from 10.5)) and I need to attach to a web service.  (Not create a web service, just consume one.)  The docs appear to indicate I can only do this with the Ultimate edition (the facets are not present on the CE).

I find that somewhat hard to believe.  I know this can be done with NetBeans, even without Java EE, and I'm pretty sure it's possible with Eclipse too.
(I could conceivaby run wsimport myself -- I'm assuming the functionality in NetBeans and Eclipse is just a wrapper for this utility... but unfortunately I'm fairly new to Java, and I'm not sure I understand what all the options do.)

So ... is there a way to (easily) consume a web service from IntelliJ IDEA CE?

Thanks in advance

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The docs are correct: there is no UI for generating a Web Service client in IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition.


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