Is there a shortcut for jumping to the source of your run configuration?

I'm working in a pretty large codebase, and I'm looking for some kind of shortcut for jumping to the source of the currently selected run configuration.

Normally I would use go to class (Ctrl + N). The thing is, I have many run configurations, all of which share the same class name, but point to different files in my code. So my current solution is to type the entire, or a part of the package together with the go to class statement. This works, but it's tedious, because each time I have to think about the names of the packages.

Is there currently a way to just simply push a button to go to the source of a run configuration? This would be an awesome feature.


There is no such feature, and I'm not sure it would be used frequently enough to add it to IntelliJ's default UI. However, it can be very easily implemented in a third-party plugin.


Hmmm. I guess I could do that.

Could you point me in the right direction for someone who has never made an IntelliJ plugin before? Any specific parts relevant for me that I should be looking for?


The home for the plugin development documentation is at
The key APIs that you'll need are RunManager.getSelectedConfiguration(), ApplicationConfiguration.MAIN_CLASS_NAME, JavaPsiFacade.findClass() and PsiClass.navigate()


Thanks a bunch! I'll get working on it as soon as I have some spare time.


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