Maven Dependencies and Intellij Libraries


recently we switched to Directory based structure. After migrating Spring we realized that Intellij IDEA doesnt seem to be able to update the libraries. It is also not able to update Maven Dependencies for the modules. The latter though can be maintained at least manually. Manually adding 15 libraries to the libararies section is very hard. Also there is the risk that some other developer still has reference to an old Spring version. If he commits his .idea directory then all the manual work would be lost.
Is there somewhere a button or plugin which can be clicked to tell Intellij to add the correct libraries according maven dependencies?
By the way the maven dependencies are correctly displayed in the maven projects view. And all maven builds are successful, only Intellij is not able to find the dependencies when editing classes or running tests from the IDE.


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All maven projects have been ignored, I found that accidentially while inspecting misc.xml.
I dont know why they became ignored.

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All my maven projects got ignored somehow.


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