Problem with CVS using gzip compression

The problem is that CVS operations like update and commit seem to "freeze".

When I say "freeze" I mean the CVS operation itself, not IDEA - the IDE is still completely responsive and I am even able to cancel the CVS operation if I wish.  It just seems that the CVS update or commit operations stop progressing at some point in the process and the operation won't complete now matter how long you wait.

I can reproduce it on 10.5.2, 11 and the new RC of 11. The gzip option actually used to work fine for me and provided a good speed boost (large codebase, server on other side of planet, ideal usecase for compression really).  Our infrastructure guys recently changed over to new CVS server hardware (and maybe CVS version, not sure) and the problem has been happening since then.

I've also tried using various compression levels (9 and 6) using WinCVS and everything seems to go fine, it's only IDEA that seems to have a problem now.  I can't see anything obvious in the cvs.log either, everything seems to be going ok and the last thing you'll see in the log is "@until here the content is gzipped@" and then it just stops.

Any thoughts on possible ways I could get gzip compression working?
Or, given this problem only started happening after our CVS server was migrated - any thoughts on what might be setup incorrectly on CVS?
Or thoughts on how I could replicate the problem outside of IDEA? The standard IDE here is Eclipse and everything else seems to be working ok, so I don't really want to complain if my only issue is that an unsupported IDE isn't working anymore.


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