Magic options for Proguard when exporting Android package


My google fu seems to fail me as I can't find any information about how to use integrated ProGuard functionality in IntelliJ 11.

I understand it recognizes that I have a proguard.cfg in the module folder picks and uses it to invoke ProGuard whenever I package my Android app. However it also seems to pass some "magic" options to it. More specifically it seems to pass -injars and -libraryjars options automatically since I get duplicate definitions errors when I define those in my proguard.cfg.

Now, this is all good except for the fact that the test classes seems to also be passed as injars, causing ProGuard to (rightfully) complain that it can't resolve references to JUnit.

So, since there isn't an option in ProGuard to exclude files (i.e no -skipjars), is there a way to control the invokation of ProGuard? Or is there anyway I could somehow setup the proguard.cfg to just strip all JUnit tests?


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I should also mention that ProGuard gladly accepts the .cfg and produces the expected result when I run it from the command line.


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