What exactly does IntelliJ 10 check for, for the "Invalid Git roots" message?


In the project settings, I've set the directory of the project to VCS Git. This directory, is a directory which has a .git directory in it.

Yet, everytime IntelliJ starts, it gives a big red warning "Invalid Git roots. Some configured Git VCS roots are not under Git or have Git repositories in subdirectories without configured VCS root. Configure".

What exactly triggers this message? Should the directory you indicate as Git, indeed have a .git directory in it? Is IntelliJ checking for subdirectories in there which also have a .git in them maybe?

find | grep "\.git"  does not seem to find any other .git directories in there. There are also various symbolic links in there though, find -L seems to take forever on these so I'm not quite sure whether or not this eventually also leads to a .git directory, but if it would, I wouldn't want to include that in the project settings.

To help me understand better how I should configure the git roots, what exactly does IntelliJ do? Thanks!

P.S. the git functionality (showing changes, moving files, ...) seems to work fine despite this warning message.

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