Do you know Eliza?

Early implementations of the pseudo psycho-therapist Eliza made the programming language Lisp famous. When you entered short English sentences into the dialog, Eliza seemed to understand quite a lot, although it did not really understand anything. Nevertheless, concerning general life problems, it could help you to continue thinking, simply by combining general guiding questions with grammatically parsed elements of your answers.

Since those days I am dreaming of something like Eliza as a user interface for a programming environment.

Many programmers are suffering from the Scatterbrained-Professor-Syndrom  and often lose their thread while juggling the details, then  something like Eliza would come in quite handy to bring you back on  track.

Instead of general life problems it should have a set of approaches for typical programming problems (although sometimes a few therapist's words could be helpful, too) and ask guiding questions on the relevant abstraction level to help you to complete your code - from the big idea over algorithms and general functionalities down to the detailed code.

JetBrain's Intelligent Code Assistance comes closer to this idea than any other system I know, so I would like to encourage its developers to consider whether this final step would be in reach. Thousands of "scatterbrained professors" would appreciate it. :D

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