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On Thu, 08 Dec 2011 20:56:39 MSK, Jeff Bailey <no_reply@jetbrains.com>
wrote, quoted or indirectly quoted someone who said :

>Inconsolata on IDEA 10.5

Have a look at the font in http://mindprod.com/applet/fontshower.html

If it fails there the problem is the font is somehow incompatible with
Java, not IntelliJ in particular.

There might be a utility that would give you font information that
could tell you if there is anything strange about your inconsolas

Other possible programmer fonts:
Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
For me, the appeal of computer programming is that
even though I am quite a klutz,
I can still produce something, in a sense
perfect, because the computer gives me as many
chances as I please to get it right.

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Inconsolata rendering via fontshower looks correct so the problem doesn't seem to be with the font or java:


I've temporarily switched to Consolas (not ideal but it'll do for now).


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