Android-Development - should I switch to full version

Hello all,

I am using IntelliJ for Android development (only), and I must say, I LOVE it.
Using resharper too, for Visual Studio, both great tools.

The only question I have, does it make sense to switch to full version (beside the fact that I love to give something back to you guys). I would have to justify buying it, and on first glimpse, there seems to be no feature really important missing from the community version.

But I am at a point where I spend 50+ hours a week working with IntelliJ for my projects, so if there are features missing (which I don't miss because I dont know they exist), I would love to hear about them.

Don't get me wrong, I dont want to buy it if I don't have to (currently my apps don't make this kind of money), but if it saves a lot of time, it may be worthwhile. But most of the time, the professional versions are more focused on e.g. ORM or other fancy features, I dont use with Android anyway).

So, developers (pure Android), with a professional version, why did you switch :-)


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