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Hi, I'm an experienced Flash developer but I'm migrating away from the Flash IDE, and I've been trying to use IntelliJ IDEA. However, I'm a bit confused. I use several external libraries such as CasaLib, TweenMax, and my own set of libraries. Flash lets me simply add the paths to these and is happy. How do I set up the project so that the 3rd party libraries (CasaLib, TweenMax, etc.) are accessed as global libraries I can use but aren't editable, and that my own set of libraries are available (say, as a separate module), and ARE editable.

Also, I get the error "[CBR] A file found in a source-path must have the same package structure '', as the definition's package, 'com.cbr'." Where is this package structure defined, and what is it relative to?

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So, have you managed to configure IDEA projects after discussion in issue comments? Do you have any more questions?

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Alexander, thanks for the response. I'm starting to migrate to Astella for my AS3 coding. I see the huge benefit in having a more sophisticated code editor but I'm still trying to establish my workflow.

I think the problem is that developers like me who are migrating from the Flash IDE have a difficult time understanding how exactly things work together. Specifically, how to set up compilers (Flash handled that transparently), how to integrate external libraries (was a simple matter of just adding a path), and how to incorporate the visual elements that are stored in a .fla. I'm guessing there are other developers out there who would benefit from a tutorial aimed at users like me that answers some of these questions.

As of now I haven't been able to get external "raw" AS3 libraries to work, but I've just gone ahead and compiled SWC of them. I also don't know how to incorporate ASDOCs for the inline documentation. I intend to buy Astella when it becomes available, but both of these features are critical.

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> how to set up compilers
IDEA and Astella take compiler as well as debugger and standard libraries from the Flex SDK.

> how to integrate external libraries
Attached sample Astella project. Note: you'll need to change Flex SDK at Dependencies tab of Astella build configuration (Project Structure dialog) as path to SDK is different on your computer.

> how to incorporate the visual elements that are stored in a .fla
I'm afraid I'm not familiar with .fla files. If you have found an answer please post it here.

>  I haven't been able to get external "raw" AS3 libraries to work
See attached project

> how to incorporate ASDOCs for the inline documentation
Do you mean how to see documentation for classes from libraries? Just press Ctlr+Q (Ctrl+J on Mac) when caret is on some class or method from library. For raw AS3 libraries no additional configuration required - ASdoc is taken just from the sources. For SWC libraries you need to attach either sources or ASdoc or URL where documentation is located to the library:
If ASDoc attached Shift+F1 will open it in browser. Again, see attached sample.

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So, Brad, do you have any questions remaining regarding project setup?

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Alexander, thanks, I've got most of the issues resolved. I do think it would be helpful to have a tutorial for developers coming from the Flash environment. Still, Astella seems like a great product and your support has been excellent.


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