Flex 4.6 not supported

The latest IntelliJ build does not work in a usable manner with Flex 4.6.

I have made a new project based on template and everything (very standard).

First of all I get this message.

"[Flex46Test] Flex SDK 4.6.0 is not supported by built-in compiler shell. Please change compiler at File | Settings | Compiler | Flex Compiler."
(This menu option is not correct on Mac by the way. It's under the application menu -- IntelliJ | Preferences | Compiler ...)

Then second, after I changed this compiler setting (which gives distinctly less useful output, without clicking to errors et cetera):

1. On Linux I got a message: "Error in line 1: ( expected"
2. On Mac I get a message: "error while loading initial content"

I added a view which is set to navigator.firstView in a show event handler.

Now on Mac as well as Linux I get "Error: null"

Given my experience with previous Adobe SDK updates, I expect all the trouble to come from them. The upgrade from 4.5 to 4.5.1 was also absolutely terrible (back then I was using Flash Builder). Anyway, regardless of that, IntelliJ currently seems to be not usable with Flex 4.6.

Best! Steven

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Built-in compiler shell supports Flex SDK 4.6 since IDEA 11 RC.
But fcsh and mxmlc/compc work with Flex SDK 4.6 in IDEA 10.5.x and usually give the same compiler output with clickable errors. Switch to mxmlc/compc - its output is equivalent to the built-in compiler shell.

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Thanks Alexander.

However, the compiler shell is not the only problem. The default project content that IntelliJ generates cannot be compiled by Flex 4.6 SDK for some reason. See above for details. Everything works perfectly when using Flex 4.5 SDK.

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Yes, IDEA 10.5 doesn't know that Flex SDK 4.6 includes AIR 3.1. So you need to fix AIR application descriptor. It is enough to fix the namespace of the root tag to "http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/3.1" (it will be red in IDEA 10.5). And make sure that your run configurations are based on AIR descriptor (because if based on main class - incorrect descriptor will be generated). Or try IDEA 11.


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