We are very happy to note that now-a-days  ,twitter and facebook services in the world is very important to reach each and every messages to all over the world. Now public in the world are suffering dangerous activities against them by god and some terrorist in the world. Due to safeguard the public from all the natural calamities and unity among the public we have posted messages of god in our website And accordingly we sought full co-operation from twitter to support our website messages to reach each and every corner of the world for the purpose of public safety and peace in the world for the following reasons.
        Our website contains more information not only to avoid all kinds of natural calamities in the world but also to improve economic growths in business, education, employment, jobs, health, wealth, security, faith, climate changes (heavy snow,rain,heat etc),and causes unity and peace all over the world.Our service  all over the world is a non-profitable service to all mankind and animals.
       Please kindly add our website www, and also our facebook page in the twitter /facebook and also all other twitter websites in the world to allow all the public in the world to visit our website and facebook in the interest of public and obligue.


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