Why does the git retrieve 11 and how can I make it retrieve the stable 10.5 release?

I draw down the source from git. I build it and when I launch that build, I see on the splash screen that it's version 11. My git version was drawn down on Nov 15th.

I am having trouble with the intellij version that's run from this build hanging for no apparent reason. I want to eliminate the possibility that it's a problem with an eap of 11.

For this reason, I would like to acquire, through git, the sources to 10.5- the same 10.5 that I use on my machine.

I want to acquire them from git because it's so easy to make those sources into a project then just build that project. For me, it  all just works; it's great.

Thank you.


Just check out the right tag from that git repo you have on your machine, e. g. "git checkout idea/107.105".


Hi Bjorn,

OK I am not sure what you're telling me to do :( .

Starting from the menu "Version Control" on the Intellij MenuBar, I go Version Control -> Checkout from Version Control ->Git.  Then  I  see a lot of same-named entries in a combobox- maybe 15 (!)- each of which is one of two "kinds" , a valid git directory path and a slightly different, (malformed I guess?),   string which is essentially naming the  same directory. I had nothing to do with any of these git repository names 9or strings, they just appear.

Clicking on one of the "valid" ones connects me to an NON-versioned intellij source depository - i.e. no ver10.0 ver10.5  ver11.. nothing like that. As far as I can tell. My Intellij UI is frozen solid right now as it indexes the sources I just drew down right now  from git or I'd be more descriptive.

Is it possible that the version part of these seemingly same-named git repositories doesn't fit in the combo box width and I'm not seeing it?


FWIW here's what I see when I use the git Clone Repository dialog. The dialog itself is un-resizable, if that is indeed the issue.

git nonesense.jpg

And here is that same dialog with all the options displayed...

git nonsense3.jpg

I don't know where those many entries come from, I don't have even one if I don't add it myself, but your main problem is that you are not really familiar with git or maybe VCS in general.
If you clone a Git repo you have all the history and (by default if you don't change it) all the branches and tags available on your local cloned repository.
In this clone you can then check out any point in time you want, e. g. the tag for one release of IntelliJ IDEA.
The command I've shown you was a command line command, as I don't use the GUI for Git.
But you can also do this via GUI.
Just go to "Version Control -> Git -> Checkout Branch...", check "Include tags" and select the tag you want to checkout.


Thanks Bjorn ! I don't know what any of that is about either :(


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