smart indent doesn't work in ActionScript code


I have an issue concerning the "smart indent" feature in ActionScript code. I'm working with IntelliJ IDEA version 10.5 in Windows Server 2003.

If the "smart indent" feature is enabled and I want to add a new line after the last function in the code, the caret's position in the new line is one tab more to the left than the brace of the function above. If I want to add a new line between two existing functions everything works fine.

After I disabled the smart indent feature also the issue I described above doesn't happen but in this case, adding a new line in mxml code doesn't really work because the caret position is more to the right(the same position as the attributes of the mxml elements) than it should be.

Does anyone else recognized this issue or does anyone know how to fix it? I changed nothing in the code formatting sections or anywhere else.

Thanks a lot!!

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