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I'm having a problem with IDEA 9.0. Here is the issue... for each application in our SVN repo we have the "branches", "tags" and "trunk". The Grails application is under "trunk" so it would be something like  grails-app and the .iml and everything else is under that directory. So when you check out a project, all plugins get installed to:


That is a problem, since all applications are then sharing plugins in this "trunk" directory.  I THOUGHT grails was supposed to install to projects/${appName}, not projects/${baseName} but maybe I was wrong. So I set this manually in BuildConfig.groovy:

grails.project.plugins.dir = "${userHome}/.grails/${grailsVersion}/projects/${appName}"

This works great for GRails, but IDEA doesn't seem to like this. After doing this there is no longer a appName-grailsPlugins module and I can't access any of hte installed plugins, but it works just fine if you do everything form the command line ("grails run-app" has no complaints). So why isn't IDEA able to see this change? Curiously it seems to work okay if you change the plugins dir to something without variable names, like say /home/mkowske/grailsPlugins/ but doesn't seem to understand the grails variables ${userHome}, ${appName}, etc

How might I get around this? Is there a way to manually run the post plugin install build script that IDEA runs to setup the grailsPlugin module which I am missing?


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Just to follow up -- I haven't found a "solution" to this problem, but we are working around it by moving the application directory down one level in SVN, e.g.

Not ideal but it works for now.


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