Easiest way to sync a certain folder?


I often (when changing branches from the terminal) need to synchronize a certain folder in IntelliJ. For this, I need, in the Project tree on the left, to right click the correct folder and then choose "synchronize".

However, locating this folder to click on, requires scrolling through all the open files displayed there, and all the folders higher up which don't need to be synchronized. There are quite a lot of those, so it's really not easy! :)

I always need to synchronize this same folder, and it's always tedious to scroll to it to be able to right click it.

For some reason, the main synchronize button (CTRL+SHIFT+Y) does not actually synchronize the way I want (it then still didn't see files on disk changed), right clicking that folder is the only right way.

What would be the easiest way for me, in IntelliJ 10, to create some sort of button in the toolbar, or similar, which synchronizes that exact folder (and its subfolders)?


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