Problem creating a subversion tag


i have subversion set up in my project, i can checkout, update, commit fine.

However, i want to start to create tags to keep track of milestone completions, but i can't get it to work...

I'm using assembla, and their subversion repository. When i try to create a tag, either through the subversion/create branch or tag, or by browsing the repo and create tag from there, i get a "file not found" error!

svn: File not found: revision 335, path '/mycode/mycode'
svn: '/svn/mycode/!svn/bc/335/mycode' path not found: 404 Not Found (

The url for my projects is

"mycode" is my account on assembla, naturally. (i switched the name out)

When i browse, the revision number is there, so that's not it.

Any ideas?

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Wow, this is funky.

I went into the assembla repository web browser, and that revision, 335,has my tag text as comment, and it apparently is a tag, since there is no difference between that version and the version before, besides that comment.

I have no idea why that happened...


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