Compairing Intellij IDEA IDE to other JetBrain IDEs

I am an Itellij IDEA 10.5 user. I like IntelliJ IDEA because I am a polyglot programmer using Java, Ruby, PHP, Javascript and other languages as needed. My understanding is that IntelliJ Ultimate 11 will include all the features of PHPStorm, WebStorm, RubyMine, Astella and PyCharm. The product & plug-in release cycles of the various products differ so,  IntelliJ IDEA 11 beta doesn't have many of the latest RubyMine, PHPStorm, Astella Flex GUI features.

  • Will these features get updated when Intellij IDEA 11 is released?
  • Would you consider making the IntelliJ IDEA 11 ultimate serial numbers valid in these tools, so a IntelliJ IDEA user could use them.
  • Are there any features included your other IDEs that are not or will not be included in the IntelliJ IDEA 11?
  • Is there a use-case where you expect a developers to own both IntelliJ IDEA and one of the other IDEs?


Jeff Duska

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