Git conflict resolving and rebase --continue

Hi guys,

This is the workflow I do in gitbash and I would like to see how confortable it would be to do it in IntelliJ:

1- Commit
2- Push
2-1) If I get an error because I'm not in sync with head: Rebase -p -m
2-1.1) If merge conflicts during rebase: git mergetool (this launches P4merge)
2-1.2) rebase --continue
2-2) Push

In IntelliJ I get to an halt when I have rebase conflitcs because I want to use P4merge. So my first question would be, is it possible to use another conflict solving tool for git?
If not I move into gitbase do the git mergetool and then should I go to IntelliJ perform some kind of resume rebase command and let it finish or do I have to complete the process in git bash. Also, if I complete the process in git bash can I rest assured that IntelliJ will interrupt the undergoing git workflow.

Sorry for the tricky question and thank you for the help.

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Hello Vitor,

1. We don't support external merging tools for Git.

2. IDEA internally calls Git executable for almost all commands. That means that you may start rebase process in the command line, continue it in IDEA and finish in the command line again, and all should work fine.

Hope, it helps.


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