Re: 4069. Please keep posting the links to fixed bugs and exceptions

It was really a big help when you posted the links to the
fixed bugs and exceptions.


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Hello Alex,

These links (particularly the ITN one) give very little information on issues
actually fixed between the releases. We don't mark any exceptions in ITN
as fixed (the exceptions are converted to JIRA issues which are then fixed),
and the "Fixed in build" field for JIRA issues is somewhat randomly distributed
between 4xxx and 5xxx builds.

In Demetra, every EAP build will be labeled as a separate version in JIRA,
so the changes will be very easy to track. For 5.1, the best you can get
is searches with Fix version = 5.1 and Date modified = dates between build

A> It was really a big help when you posted the links to the fixed bugs
A> and exceptions.
A> r=false&reset=update&pid=10132&customfield_10011%3AgreaterThan=4055&c
A> ustomfield_10011%3AlessThan=4069
A> h&Field0=fixedInBuild&Operation0=GREATER&Value0=4055&Field1=fixedInBu
A> ild&Operation1=LESS&Value1=4070

Dmitry Jemerov
Software Developer
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Ok, but it seems like you guys are going backwards.
If you fixed it in 4xxx (5.x) build and you fixed in 5xxxx (6.x), shouldn't it have been marked fixed in the 4xxxx series?

Anyway, whenever this gets sorted out, please do start posting the proper link again. It is very much appreciated.



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