Tomcat build is copying entire class hierarchy

Despite the fact I have my Tomcat deployment Artifact defined to include only 3 of my 12 IDEA Modules, for some reason during a build/debug process IDEA is copying what appears to be my entire class hierarchy into the deployment dir (including files that are outside the 3 modules in the Artifact).  There are no Module dependencies that would cause the extra files to be copied, either.

Is this a known bug in IDEA 10.5?  Do other people see this happening?


FYI, doing Invalidate Caches seems to have fixed the problem...


I take that back, Invalidating Caches did not fix the problem.  But installing the Artifact to JBoss does work correctly.  It's just the Tomcat deploy that copies the additional unnecessary files.


Here is some more insight.  Look at what my build-dir artifacts folder looks like.  It looks like the install keeps recursing one level deeper every build.  Notice the directory structure keeps repeating itself until it finally results in the source code root:

mymachine% pwd


As a follow-up, while I still don't understand why the recursion is happening whenever I do another deploy (as shown in the pwd above), I did resolve this problem by fixing a bad reference in the Web Artifact settings in IDEA.  I wish the error messages were more verbose, so I could have found the solution with less effort.


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