Pulling my hair out with remote git repo fetch

Hi guys,

So I decided to host my own git repo. And I know this is not a git forum, but hear me out.

I am using intellij on macbook pro with lion on.

My server hosts bare repository ( I am following Pro Git book to set it up).

I can commit the local project, but every time I try to Update it or push it, I get

fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'smb'

And I cant figure anything out how to fix this damn thing.

Any help?



Hello Dainius,

Does pulling/pushing work from the command line or fail with the same message?



Hi Kirill,

I have tried these:

git pull smb://server/folder/project.git - displays -> fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'smb'

git fetch smb://server/folder/project.git - displays-> fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'smb'



I think Git itself or the Git distribution you use (I'm not sure if it was ever implemented) doesn't support Samba protocol. You should try with something else. SSH is the best choice.


So, I took your advice and setup SSH. I dont have that prevous error anymore, but another error occurs every time i try to fetch:

SSH: authentication methods: [publickey, keyboard-interactive, password] last successful method: password
fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: Unab


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