You should file an issue at http://jetbrains.net/jira

Michael Damberger wrote:

cannot have the ctrl-f results be openend in new tab
(only if I would pin my previous results)


yes I know - but I'm not familiar with Jira, I do not know if I should use backlog, feedback or any other - though I would assume feedback. Then I do not know under which component I shoud file the issue. Then I would have to search for duplicates, ideally carefully reading all other requests...

I am sorry, I do not have the time...

+ the list of bugs in some areas is so big that I think like "oh my god, when will they ever fix all that?" - so maybe Jetbrains is anyway not at all interested in such minor tweaks at all... But I thought, I can just drop it out in the EAP, costs me only 1 minute, and there might be a chance that someone at Jetbrains says "yes, he's right, could be a useful improvement" and puts it into the correct Jira issue himself.


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