Migrate Tool Questions.


Are there any plans to improve the functionality of the Migration tool (from Refactor menu) somehow?

- while editing the 'maps' to allow code completion for them (mostly the same behavior like the
"import completion")
- to act only on modules (and to to be able to define this while editing the migration map) (so on
what module to act)
- to be able to define different modules as source and as destination (e.g source="module1,module2",
and destination="module3")
- to change the migration map to migration steps:
- to be executed in that order (so a step number in the table would be required)
- to change the order of steps (with move up and move down)
- to allow in the migration map as steps also: recorded macros not just one to one mappings.
- to allow in the migration map as steps also: "saved/tested refactring actions" - so like the
macros above.

- to allow properties per step like: "error in this step breaks migration" and/or "undo everything
on error"

Thanks in advance,


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