Subversion svn+ssh with putty plink?

I'm having an issue getting a Subversion svn+ssh connection to use Putty's plink to provide the connection on Windows XP using a key loaded into pageant. I have this working with CVS within IDEA but can't seem to get it working with Subversion. Anyone gotten it working without expecictly giving IDEA the password or your key file?


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I'm also having the same problem with IntelliJ 5.0.2 svn+ssh integration.

In addition to that, when I try to do an update project and I'm prompted for my user name, my private key, and passphrase, I fill in the form correctly (or so I think) and once I press OK, the form is redisplayed with "Authentication Failed" in the title bar

TortoiseSVN with pageant works fine.


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