Cannot submit remote run to TeamCity from Intellij IDEA 10.5


When I try to submit a remote run to TeamCity I get this uninformative error:

Cannot perform operation: Cannot add to queue some of the requested build configurations:
Build configuration: <project name>
Reason: Submitted changes cannot be applied to the build configuration.

I have updated from Subversion and I can commit the changes, just not submit a remote run. My colleagues can submit remote runs to the same TC run config, and I can trigger that run config in my browser. I have logged in/out from TeamCity in IDEA, and restarted IDEA. I have several changelists and I did wonder if I had interdependent changes in different changelists, but I don't think this is the problem as I cannot submit a remote run of a small changelist of isolated changes.


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It turns out the svn URL of the TC build config had been changed so that it didn't match IDEA's. It has now been changed back and it works.

Any chance IDEA could give a more informative error? At any rate, this should hopefully come up next time someone googles the error message.


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