Can I choose to include all Maven target directories in IDEA project?

     From what I've been able to tell, the default behavior for IDEA when importing a Maven project is to configure the modules to automatically exclude all non-source target directories.  Lately I've been finding myself needing to look in some target directories, and I'm wondering if there is any way to tell IDEA *not* to exclude target directories?  I've been poking around in the settings but I haven't found anything promising yet.... Anyone have a suggestion?

I know I *can* manually un-exclude them by going to module settings, but this is both tedious and impermanent, in that the target directories get re-excluded frequently (I think it's tied to running maven install on the source tree... but I forget if there is something else that seems to trigger it).

Any pointers would be appreciated.  Thanks!  I have Ultimate edition if that makes a difference here.

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currently there is no such an possibility. Please create a request in the tracker ( and describe your case.



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