How to add library if you dont have a jar


i have the newest intellijidea and im working with the scala plugin - but this is not so important. Important is that i have no idea how to add this ( as lib. I know how to add and use stuff if they are as a jar (libraries/add jar directories). Now what should i do with the stuff at the link? I can download it, then i can try libraries/add source archive directories but nothing happening. I should import the stuff as

import org.scala_tools.time.Imports._

but i cant, there is no org.scala_tools. So im sure theres something wrong with the library. Thats why i ask, how to add?

Thank you

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In order to add a library you need to have compiled *.class files. If the library owner don't distribute it in the compiled form you can compile it
yourself: download the sources, create a separate IDEA project from these sources and build it. After that you can either produce a jar file from the
compiled classes by creating a jar artifact in IDEA or simply add the directory with the produced class files as a library (Project Structure ->
Libraries -> New library -> Attach classes).

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