SAP Netweaver development with IDEA?

Hi all,

Finally, I have to say, with tears in my eyes, I am forced to continue my development work using Eclipse...

I work in the SAP Netweaver Enterprise Portal J2EE corner, and up till SAP EP5 I managed to code in IDEA.

However, since SAP has released its Netweaver Development Studio, I am now forced to use Eclipse.
This Netweaver Development Studio is basically Eclipse with a rather tightly integrated custom-SAP Netweaver plugin.

I heavily depend on the functionality of this 'plugin', and thus should move from IDEA to Eclipse.

I might be the only one in the IDEA camp, but is there anyone here who develops for the SAP Netweaver platform, and has managed to find a way doing so using IDEA?

Any input will be highly appreciated!

With kind regards,


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Yep, I have close to the same situation where if I could just
have the same SAP Business One plugin for IDEA
that exists for Netbeans I would be in the drivers seat.

As it stands now I will have to develop some jar that I can import into my IDEA!



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