Move Statement Up/Down

To continue my favorite quest: Please put more resources in quality improvement.
In old Idea versions I quite often discovered that features worked well in a
context I did not really expect them to work. Those where really the things that
gave the pleasure in development.
Irida often fails in the most common situations.
Before you answer again that I should file Jira issues: Yeah, well, I try to do
that. I even search for issues first. Then I quickly get de-motivated, because
there are already lots of bugs filed in that area, many of them quite old.

My latest tale of woe: The feature "Move Statement Up/Down". In theory this would
be a nice time saver. In practice I spent more time correcting or undoing the
wrong results, than gaining any time.
I filed an issue for the latest failure (does not work with annotations, IDEA-5794).
But I almost gave up on that when I saw the other issues for that feature that
are already there:
Move statement has "annoying limitations", "buggy behaviour", "uglifies code",
"does not work with methods", "produces weird results", "does not handle blank lines
well", "garbles enum classes", "changes selection range".

Well, I filed the issue anyway, but complained here...

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