SVN: authentication cancelled

Hi all,

I'm having a problem accessing our SVN repository over svn+ssh from my new iMac. I'm in a new office of ours so I'm connecting over a VPN and I'm on a new machine. I've cleared the cached auth data for SVN, then when I try to update I get the pop-up saying "Not logged in to Subversion". I click to fix it and enter my password, it churns away a bit and then I get the "svn: authentication cancelled" error. I can update on the command line and it works. One thing that I've noticed is that when I work on the command line, I get a lot of "Killed by signal 15." errors - this seems to be new since I upgraded to Lion, but it doesn't seem to cause any problems. Googling that error, it doesn't seem clear if it's a Lion issue or an SVN version issue.

I was actually about to post this message yesterday, but through doing something (I'm not sure exactly what the sequence of things I tried was) I actually managed to get it working. Then this morning after turning my machine on it doesn't work any more.

Does anyone have any idea about this?


IDEA 10.5.2 Ultimate
OSX Lion 10.7
SVN version 1.6.16 (on the command line)

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